Top 2 Stock brokers to open demat account in India

We regularly find people asking us to tell the best broker which has excellent app and reliable customer support. We have reviewed around 50+ stockbrokers and thus we have concluded that these 3 are the best options to open a demat account in India

  1. Upstox – The best among all options available. Its app is the best for all professional as well as rookie traders. I have given brief summary of upstox below for your pursuance. To read detailed review – Click Here

Brokerage – Rs 0 (zero) for long term trades, Rs 20 or 0.01% intraday trades

Leverage – Highest intraday leverage among all available discount brokers

On the go Tools – Upstox pro the mobile app has been rated as the best trading app on the appstore. It has a customer rating of 4.4 and has detailed buy sell watchlist

Reliable – Upstox is backed by the likes of Mr. Ratan tata whose name is a credible figure of trust in India

To open an account online and avail exciting discount offers upto Rs 28,000 – Click Here

2. Zerodha

This is the broker that i am using personally for the past 6 years and have no problem in backing that it is the best broker available in discount brokerage space that spends on developing financial eco system. I am summarizing the advantages of zerodha here. I have given a detailed review for your pursuance on why you should opt for zerodha here

Brokerage – Rs 0 (zero) for long term trades, Rs 20 or 0.01% which ever is lower intraday trades

Leverage – High intraday leverage among all available discount brokers

Platforms – Zerodha has excellent web and mobile app called as kite which is embedded with excellent on the go features such as – 20 ticks, Trading view, Chart enabled buy/sell

Multilingual Customer Support – It has multilingual customer support and 200+ partner offices through out india

Trust – It is trusted by 10 lakh + traders for daily trades and has been awarded as best retail stock broker

To open a demat account Online in 5 minutes – Click here

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